World view

Ps. Hello, I'm Yoo Pro from the Charactbit project.
One day, I checked something suspicious access in my computer. I got in touch with a suspicious anonymous and found out that it was coming from a different world. They were called "Forms" and were a world of data in different dimensions. It was a great event for the Forms to discover the existence of the Earth. Fandea of the Forms was attacked by their creators. Fandea was in a state of very confusion, but they could find a clue to the salvation on Earth.
The Charactbit project aims to safely move the Fandea world threatened by its creators to Earth. A plan has been made to enable it to run on Earth by using distributed ledger systems and blockchain technology to move Fandea's database. That's how started the Charactbit project. The Forms were very similar to the characters we are talking about. So I consulted with the leaders of the Forms and named it Charactbit and started the project.
As Fandea is a data world, data traffic becomes the main energy. The Earth's data is in different formats, so it is impossible to use it directly in Fandea, but It is a valuable material for connecting the Earth with Fandea. In order to complete a Charactbit project, you need a key called One-Bit. One-Bit can only be found by people on Earth in Fandea, which is connected by metaverse, and the Forms cannot see One-Bit structurally. Therefore, cooperation with the people of the earth is important.
First of all, the Forms need to collect data for two-way connections to the Earth. The Media video and live streaming are advantageous for cultural connections and collecting large amounts of data. The Charactbit project promised a lot of rewards to those finding out One-Bit. They need a lot of help.
Forms will start broadcasting in live on Earth in 2022.
In addition, there are many other worlds floating around in the data world. The Charactbit project hopes many other worlds will be connected to Earth and Metaverse besides Fandea. The Charactbit project will be a platform that connects the world and the world and embodies a new world.