One-Bit Metaverse - FANDEA

One-Bit Metaverse is quite a later story. The current goal is to develop Forms activities step by step after stabilizing after the animation is released. Metaverse, which will be created by One-bit Studio, is the set of the worldview of Forms. The fantasy world with the full of imagination and mystery will be a daily life with the full of joy. The political and social tasks that users need to solve will be given and exciting adventures will also be accompanied. Before the Metaverse is serviced, it will gain sufficient recognition through the activities of the Forms and introduce detailed backgrounds and stories through the animation. Fandea, the world of Forms, will be serviced in the public's expectations. One-Bit Metaverse is a fun world where you can fall into the exciting stories. Creating a virtual reality where you can truly immerse yourself, that's the world of metaverse we want.

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