Forms Token

Forms token is a token named after Forms. It is deeply related to the activities of Forms in staking and mining, and also means the value and existence of Forms. Through the contract, the source of Forms income will be paid as a staking reward, and mining will be possible through the sponsorship of Forms. The initial distribution of Forms tokens is 100 million units. Some of the Forms used to make the characters are sold and are mostly airdropped to the influential Forms Token owners or Charactbit Token owners. Therefore, in addition to the individual market price impact, the Forms token is closely related to the form under the same influence as the character bit token and the story.

Forms token is a type of fan token. The public can buy their favorite Forms tokens or obtain Forms tokens through sponsorship. It's a unique mining method of Forms Token. Forms Token has been steadily issued through sponsorship since its initial issuance. But don't worry. The increasing form of tokens is not a big factor in falling prices. Rather, the fact that Forms Token is more sponsored as the number of Forms tokens increases proving Forms popularity.​

The Forms token is currently in service and will be released when a tradable DEX market is available. For more information, please refer to the staking and mining paragraphs. Forms Tokens are preferentially serviced to Forms operating in One-Bit studios. Depending on the stabilization stage in the future, several partners will be issuing Forms tokens. The Charactbit project will jump forward as a huge platform that comprehensively operates a DEX market for trading Forms tokens and Donations platforms and Forms tokens.


- Mining

​ There is no restriction on the amount of Forms tokens issued. Sponsorship is mining. When sponsored, the sponsorship content will be on-line, and the Forms token issued at a 1:1 ratio with the value of the sponsorship amount will be paid as compensation. Half of the issued Forms tokens will be paid to Forms, while the rest will be paid to sponsors as compensation.

- Staking

If you divide the Forms revenue sources into two main categories, there are sponsorship revenue and activity income. Activity income refers to most of the revenue except sponsorship income. Seventy percent of the activity's revenue will be redistributed to token holders as a reward for staking.

- Marketplace

The number of Forms will continue to increase. Accordingly, we need an exchange market where we can trade Forms tokens. We are planning to utilize the external DEX market before development. We also support the steak compensation.


Forms will debut according to the storyline. There are three major forces in the story. Forms belongs to the power debut one by one and maintain a balance of growth. Other Forms will support growth in the power ecosystem.

Q. What would you do with the token if Forms quit?

A. Your token will be rebranded in your new Forms. Alternatively, it can be replaced by another Forms token airdrop.

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