Project Description

This is a brief description of the Charactbit project.

What is Charactbit?

Charactbit is an SPL token based on Solana, the fastest blockchain ecosystem. The Charactbit project has a unique purpose of attracting people's participation in cultural life within the blockchain ecosystem.

The first one will be the donation platform LiveToon that for live straming. The status of personal broadcasting has increased day by day, and it has come to the era when it has more influence than the public broadcasting. What if the people who feel like they're going to do well can be given for the benefit with their growth?"

The Charactbit project will be leaping forward as a huge platform that comprehensively operates a DEX market for trading Forms tokens and Donations platforms and Forms tokens. Many agencies other than One-Bit studios can participate in the service of Forms tokens. Charactbit's goal is to build the largest metaverse ecosystem. However, we still believe that the technology of the Metaverse platform is incomplete. Therefore, we are determined to grow the seeds of Metaverse as a strategy. Our project can be divided into three phases.

  • Forms : V-Tuber, which means a member of Charactbit, and influencer, a platform streamer in broad terms.

  • Forms Token : V-Tuber token that debuted as a member of Charactbit and, in a broad sense, influencer token, a streamer whose tokens were issued through screening.

Chapter 1 - Charactbit

Blockchain Donation Platform and Forms Tokens

We run the V-tuber agencies and issue coins for each of them. Also we are operating a DEX-type exchange store where we can trade the issued forms tokens. Build a DApp that can be donated with tokens. The contents and amount of the sponsorship, and the sponsor and delivery messages are recorded on the blockchain. When the beta service stabilization is completed step by step, the service will be expanded to a regular streamer, influencer.

With the full growth of the character comb, we prepare for Chapter 2.

Chapter 2 - Metaverse

One of the things we believe in is that it will be a platform with a large number of users as the answer to which metaverse platform will be chosen. It will help building the most influential metaverse platform with a large number of users based on the Charactbit Forms. This is the best stepping stone for a broader look at the impact of fandom. V-tuber and virtual characters are the most suitable celebrities and superstars in the future metaverse world we draw.

Chapter 3 - One-Bit

"We're in the endgame now."

In fact, One-Bit is a parody of one piece. We are especially focused about parodies and homage. As we entered Chapter 3, we think we took a step closer to the King of the Coinworld. In addition, there is a mission of treasure hunt with a huge reward of One-Bit for users. From this point on, we will incorporate as many business areas as possible into the metaverse ecosystem. E-commerce, NFT, etc. will be serviced within the metaverse ecosystem and closely approached to real life.

We hope our growth will be forever.

IP of Metaverse

We look forward a step further.

The Metaverse market will be just around the corner. It's still an industry of lacking technology, but this is the problem that will be solved soon. The size of the metaverse market will be grown rapidly. Metaverse is the market connected to the capital, so it has a strong tendency to monopolize the market by the winner. The platform with the largest number of users is expected to dominate the market as a winner. And the platforms that are left behind or not chosen by many users will be doomed to disappear.

"We know Metaverse should become a reality, but which platform will be chosen?“

We think we don't need to be worry. We will have the right to decide. V-tuber, streamer, influencer, each of them has a huge audience, followers, and fans as little as tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands or millions as the most. We will choose the metaverse platform which we will create, the metaverse platform that we will partner with, and the metaverse platform we will use.

Charactbit will be the agency of many V-tubers soon.

V-tuber will be the most active influencer in the metaverse world, as if one's own stage had come. It will have a strong influence in the Metaverse world and each action will bring a trend. This will be the one of our expectations.

Why is it a virtual character?

The current V-tuber market is a rapidly growing subcultural culture. Looking at the statistics, V-tubers are mostly in the top 20th as well as the No. 1 sponsor revenue ranking on YouTube. The V-tuber category that receives a lot of donations and love from fans!

This is the tremendous competitiveness of v-tuber.

Virtual YouTubers ranked first to ninth on YouTube alone. This is the statistics of YouTube 2021 SuperChat around the world wide. You can find the status outside of the top 10 in the link below.

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