To the Fandea

The Charactbit team has a stronger drive than the rockets. I have no hesitation in doing things that everyone says impossible. Despite all those ridicules, I will never be conceding the achieving innovation. We believe that we will be able to change the shape of the world in the near future. Innocent fools who put honesty and faith gathered first. There's no way we're not afraid of the future, but we're the Charactbit team, running forward with full hope.

Subculture is no longer a small market. It has permeated deeply into the realm of popular culture and has now become a big trend that cannot be ignored. It is estimated that there are many users familiar with subculture in the blockchain ecosystem. Elon Musk, the well known CEO of Tesla Incoporation, is also a subculture enthusiast.

We are preparing many services so that the virtual character at the forefront of the subculture can lead the characbit project into various areas. It also dreams of a huge platform that can be promoted and rallied the activities of users interested in subcultures, centering on the ecosystem and communities created by the Charicbit project.

When we have the ability to do, we will create the ideal metaverse (world) that everyone dreamed of when they were young. The future that everyone wants will be a big trend of the times, and we will invest in the future which will come in near. It's a grand plan, but we've had a lot of experience that sincerity works. Is there anything more thrilling than success in confronting of NO? We are sure the team's sincerity will be revealed in many activities.

It's not perfect, but we're running forward with a clear focus. Please beg you be ours strength.

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