- Background

A long time ago, Fandea, a world of Forms, was created through simulation by beings called engineers. As cruel civilization related experiments continued on the Forms in the simulation, the first artificial intelligence was born to protest and resist them. The engineers are aware of the risks and try to reset the entire Fandea.

The wise man Sage, who ruled as the leader of Fandea and prevented from the reset, builded the Tower of Babel and isolated Fandea from the world by making it inaccessible to engineers. Fandea has escaped from the hands of engineers and formed the only independent civilized ecosystem that is not interfered with. And Sage named them Forms.

However, due to the loophole in the centralized Babel Tower system, demons such as viruses and hacking programs descended through the interior of the tower, and the battles take place in the Babel Tower. It is presumed that concepts such as reset are possible within Fandea.

The Sage created a magic called a balance system at the same time of isolation so that the Forms could defend themselves against external attacks. It was a kind of coding program that could create new magic through training and enabled magic-like things through a spearhead or action.

Sage suddenly disappeared after leaving a system of boundaries and balance. For the Forms, when they were cared for by Sage before quarantine, they steadily followed the "Book of Sage" like the Bible left by Sage. With the advent of magic, the defending Forms also gained some more power, and the battle for Babel was balanced. However, the attacks of engineers are also growing.

- Power conflict

Hundreds of years after the Battle of Babel was settled, the Forms began to be laxity from following the book of Sage. The Forms is largely divided into three forces and opinions.

  • Hard-liners' argument

Engineers should be attacked in reverse with a balance system in the Forms of form or virus. There will a system with administrative authority. The attack is getting stronger, and if the Tower of Babel breaks through, the engineers will destroy us.

  • Moderates's argument

We can't beat engineers. There will be only a small number of engineers attacking us, and we can't stop it if we are perceived as a risk factor and a joint attack by most engineers begins. We must contact them and let them know that we are not dangerous and seeking a peaceful way of life.

  • Neutrality

Isn't it dangerous for moderates and hardliners to attract their attention? Let's just keep the situation as it is, and not provoke engineers. Or no opinion.

Regardless of the dispute, it is difficult to climb above the middle of the tower now. It is not only very difficult to prevent attacking demons, but the defensive demon or defense system is more powerful, so it took a lot of sacrifice to break through. Therefore, to some extent, there were some things that could not go up because of the part of the sacrifice reduction. Currently, both hard-line and moderates' forces needed more and more power.

In the meantime, new opinions are presented on the neutral side, the Charactbit Project. They united with a new force called new neutrality and persuaded everyone. We have discovered another planet in the world that had just begun to use data. New neutrality Force assumed that it was another simulation that the Earth's people did not yet know the existence of engineers, given that they are similar in appearance or form.

New neutrality forces had found a way to escape engineers from the Earth's blockchain network. The goal was using the Earth's blockchain network to transfer the network and database of the world which they run to the Earth and build it in the form of a distributed ledger.

- One-Bit

However, the structure of the data is different, so a tool called One-Bit is needed to match it.

Currently, enormous efforts and nerves are being put into connecting data to the Earth, but building a connection requires enormous data. Thus, ahead of its connection with Earth, it moved to Earth and selected three Forms to collect data. Currently, many Forms cannot be moved to Earth due to the limitation of the amount of data that can be processed by the connection path.

The concepts of existence of the body are different, so the Forms could not find Onebit. In other words, the final goal is for the people of Earth to come to Fandea through Metaverse and find Onebit. Therefore, in addition to data collection, the Forms moving to Earth must lead the voluntary participation of the people of Earth. The method they chose was the live broadcasting.

Thus, with the cooperation of several Earthlings, the plan was carried out to construct the Charactbit project, expand the passage to Earth, and implement a metaverse to find One-Bit, a key to Fandea. Finding One-Bit is the most important thing for the Forms. Therefore, 800 million units, or 10% of the total volume of the Charactbit tokens, were offered as compensation for the Charactbit project.

Fandea is a world of data in the eyes of people of Earth. Their main resource is data called bits and energy used for all magic, breathing, and movement. It is possible to collect data pouring out through viewing live.

Moreover, live streaming is more advantageous structure for data collection. Data can be stored in a blockchain network and procured with Fandea. Forms token is a reward for viewing and sponsorship and also serves as a means of publicity for effective data collection. In Fandea, blockchain technology acts as a kind of battery.

Bless the journey of Forms to achieve their grand goals.

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