Forms - Forms Token

Forms are mysterious beings from the wonderful world of Fandea. Through virtual characters, we will approach you with the live show and the cultural contents. Please don't be scared! The term "Forms" plans to become a name given to characters belonging to the Charactbit Project. Anyone can be dreaming of to be a Forms. Forms are excited to deliver the talents that captures the hearts of the public, touching daily lives, and a new culture in the fantasy world. For the Forms that passed the character's internal standard review, Forms TOKEN, a fan token, is created. The management and operation of tokens are carried out through a community agreement with the Charactbit project, the Forms agency, and community agreement.

Form introduction

- Lunateles (New Neutral)

Lunateles is a 16-year-old girl born between a human father and a witch mother. She uses magic with jewels and necklaces on the forehead, and her main specialty is gravity, magnetic field, and spatial distortion magic. She was selected from the New Neutral Force as she was estimated to be excellent for collecting data with a cute appearance. She likes cats and has a bright and cheerful personality. She has a gift for magic.

- Martina Rose (Hard-liners)

Martina Rose, a member of the Dragon family, is 129 years old. However, due to the nature of her race, she is still in adolescence era. She prefers human form and magic, and her attacks are used with horns or chains as the knives. She is usually active in everything, but her hot-tempered and grumpy personality is still attractive. Among the hard-liners, he was forcibly selected by vote because she looked the best. She doesn't look like her in the mood. When she was a child, she lost her parents in front of her eyes due to the big attack of engineers, and she spends time fighting against the engineers day by day.

- Leeluri (Moderate-liners)

Leeluri, a 19-year-old girl, is the daughter of a leader of the moderate forces. She is well educated and raised under human parents, so she follows her parents well because she has a wrinkle-free personality. She is a diligent worker in everything and never neglects to train for a day. Also she is good at swordsmanship and mainly uses buff magic. Her magic triggers are earrings and swords. She grew up listening to her father's words, "Don't get along with hard-liners." Then she values such beliefs.

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